Venturi Wealth Management Partnering with Legacy Capitals to Offer Family Wealth Education and Resources

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Announcements  |  March 16, 2017  |  
Taylor Kirk

Venturi Wealth Management is excited to announce our new relationship with Dr. Richard Orlando, founder and CEO of Legacy Capitals, LLC and author of LEGACY: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions, to enhance our client experience. Dr. Orlando has an extensive background as a financial advisor, consultant, and coach and is an expert in family wealth education. As such, he is able to coach families through effectively talking about the opportunities and responsibilities of wealth and help prepare the next generation for potential transitions.

Legacy Capitals has the unique focus of preparing the family for a conversation regarding their assets; a conversation that may seem difficult to know where to begin, but is imperative to a successful transition of shared family values and expectations. We are looking forward to expanding opportunities for our clients and their families to continue to grow their financial capital, as well as in their education, communication, and fulfillment. Venturi was created on the foundation of trusting, transparent relationships with our clients. We are grateful to continue this tradition by adding value for our clients and their families through teaming with Legacy Capitals.

We would welcome sitting down with you to help guide you through starting the family wealth conversation. For an additional resource in the meantime, we recommend starting with the following article describing guidelines that can be used to prepare your family to talk about money and move towards transparent, effective communication about your family’s legacy.

Article: When to Communicate About Family Wealth by Dr. Richard Orlando, Ph.D.

“Go live your legacy!” – Dr. Richard Orlando, Ph.D. and the Venturi Wealth Management Team