Can There Be A Bear Market When The Economy Is In Such Good Shape?

Economy  |   February 20, 2018  |  
Mike Sanders

Given the recent volatility in equities, investors remain concerned about whether we are on the cusp of a bear market.  A recent report by Alejandra Grindal of Ned Davis Research examines whether we are likely to experience a bear market given the recent signs of a robust economy.  Her work suggests the global economy is […]

Market Pullbacks, Interest Rates and Recessions

Economy, General, Trends  |   February 6, 2018  |  
Russ Norwood

The stock market has declined 5-10% 77 times in the last 70 years according to Ned Davis Research.  On average, it has taken one month to recover from these levels.  Market pullbacks happen, in normal times, with regular frequency.  We have been in abnormal times as the economy has gained firm footing and picked up […]