This is the Way America is Supposed to Work

Economy, Stock Market  |   November 10, 2016  |  

The Presidential election delivered a surprise outcome that roiled financial markets in the early hours after the results were in.  We have a 240 year old democratic system in America that still works but sometimes the process is painful.   Stepping back from politics, change is imminent.  At Venturi, our focus is to evaluate the […]

Infrastructure: A Road to Global Recovery

Economy  |   May 11, 2016  |  

Since last decade’s financial crisis, global policymakers have mostly stood by and relied on Central Bankers to stimulate economies. Mario Draghi, for one, has repeatedly implored politicians to lend a stimulative hand. These leaders, too, possess weapons against stagnation such as boosting infrastructure building and replacing aging infrastructure. Another is pressing structural reform agendas to […]