The January Effect 2016

Stock Market  |   January 15, 2016  |  

2016 is off to a rocky start with global economic uncertainty in China and the persistently low commodity prices that are the result of excess supply and weak global demand. China initiated market curbs last year that went into effect in January and were met with a market test on the first day of trade. […]

Volatility vs Cash Flow

Stock Market  |   September 22, 2015  |  

Gyrating markets are here. Entering 2015, we advised clients to expect more volatility after a prolonged quiet period. Later, when the Greece snap elections and China devaluation occurred, we suggested China developments are and will remain more important—specifically as to the extent it impacts corporate profits growth—which we monitor. The U. S. economy is largely […]

Made In China

Economy  |   August 15, 2015  |  
Workhorse Marketing

The rise in developing China has been a major theme for the past decade and their insatiable appetite for resources and expansive government funded stimulus was the source of their biggest world export: global inflation.