International Investors Continue to be Attracted by US Yield Levels

Asset Management  |   July 12, 2016  |  
Taylor Kirk

US yield levels and interest rates reached record lows this week (below 1.4% on the benchmark 10-year US Treasury bond). However, the headline on the chart below sums up an interesting point: as other markets see such low rates, they make US interest rates look attractive by comparison to international investors. The chart, taken from Deutsche Bank […]

Brexit Surprises the Markets: Initial Thoughts

Stock Market  |   June 24, 2016  |  

Financial markets have rallied into the Brexit vote this week indicating that the markets believed the exit was not going to be the outcome.  Because financial markets hate surprises, the vote to leave the EU is creating a selloff and generating increased volatility. Let’s put this in perspective: US equities, as of Friday (07/01/16) morning, are […]

Income in a Low Interest Rate World

Asset Management  |   June 2, 2016  |  

The United States recently took part in a meeting of the G7, the international economic organization of industrialized countries, held in Japan. As an indicator of global interest rates, 4 of those 7 industrialized countries have a portion of their government debt carrying negative interest rates. In fact, 3 major global economies — Japan, Germany, and France […]