Searching For The Next Investment Unicorn – The Pioneer 250 List

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Trends  |  February 8, 2017  |  

Figuring out which company will be the next unicorn – private companies with $1+ billion valuations – can make for some interesting potential investment opportunities.

Global Silicon Valley (GSV) just published their annual list of the ”Pioneer 250”, private companies valued at less than $1b but having the potential to impact at least 1 billion people.  Take a look at their report – Global Silicon Valley Pioneer 250.  There are 4 companies from Texas on the list.  It’s interesting to note how many of these companies we have already encountered in the business of our daily lives.

At Venturi Wealth Management, we continue to search out market leading companies for our clients to invest in.  Perhaps some of the ones on this list, as they become public companies, will be in our client portfolios in the future.