Venturi Private Wealth is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm founded in Austin, Texas, with offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We manage the complexities of your financial life so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

We help successful families plan around significant financial events. This includes wealth structuring to meet estate planning and philanthropic objectives, investment management to maintain your lifestyle and financial education for future generations.
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Many successful people with significant wealth don’t know how to talk to their children about money. Emotions and a willingness to involve your children are often intertwined with estate planning, taxes, philanthropy, and legal issues.
The data reveals that deficits and debt do matter when it comes to economic growth. Current government debt is running at 175% relative to GDP levels. The chart indicates that when debt relative to GDP is this high, there is a negative impact on growth. Historically, at these levels, nominal GDP has risen at less than half the rate than when debt-to-GDP is low. The overall impact of high debt is stunted growth and subdued inflation.
We live in an era where there is constantly a cause worth contributing to. The possibilities can be overwhelming. Many of us find ourselves conflicted on the why, where, and how to get more involved in philanthropy.
In the first four years, we have grown our organization from 5 to 21 employees, opened a second office, tripled our client base, launched a private equity business, raised and donated over $250,000 for non-profits in our communities and become a leader in private wealth management in our region.
Deciding how to give back is a very personal decision. Ultimately, you should support your community in a way that is important to you. Reflect on your purpose for giving and get started -- whether that means volunteering your time, taking a hands-on fundraising approach, or donating monetarily.
Estate Planning for those you love can dramatically alter the course of your family for generations. A good estate plan is profoundly human in its touch points, reflecting the dynamics and needs of the people you love and the causes you cherish.
Succession planning can help you increase the odds of passing your business along to your loved ones, a challenge for many entrepreneurs. A solid plan for the future can help your employees stay more engaged and productive right now.
Over 100 participants and eight corporate sponsors made this year's Venturi Charity Shoot an incredible success.
We are proud to welcome Senior Lead Advisor Kent Mitchell, Lead Advisor Grant Kinchen, and Associate Advisor Cole Edmiston to our Austin team from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. The Venturi team has grown to 21 members in just four years and manages $1.2 billion for successful families, private foundations and endowments.
Most investors have continued to focus their allocations primarily on traditional investments, largely ignoring or avoiding alternative investments such as private equity. Private equity is an investment strategy in which capital is raised from investors to acquire equity-ownership in companies that are not publicly traded.
Tax reform, if passed, will provide a limited window in which to take advantage of the old rules and maximize deductions. In light of the proposed reform, we want to highlight a few key strategies to consider as we approach year-end.
Venturi is proud to announce that Susan Liang has joined our team as a Senior Client Associate.
It is critical for families with legacy ambitions to have a well-conceived plan anchored by a strong vision of what they want to have happen. A strong vision incorporates the family’s values, its mission or purpose, its unique abilities, traditions and the principles that will guide future decisions.
“Trusting the wrong people” is said to be the greatest vulnerability of high net-worth people who rely on household staff, consultants, business associates, and advisors just to get through the day.
2018 was a year punctuated by two stock market corrections and volatility the likes of which has not been seen in years. It’s easy to forget that this type of volatility is not uncommon. We utilize a ProActive portfolio as part of an overall investment strategy.
The sale of a business is one of the more involved processes a business owner can ever experience. Here are 6 questions you should ask before selling.
According to a 30-year study by the Williams Group, three-quarters of wealthy families failed to successfully transfer their assets to the next generation. Shockingly, the assets of nine out of ten families were completely lost before reaching the third generation.
Most successful business owners like you reach a critical juncture where you need to plan for the transitioning of your wealth from your business to a personal investment strategy to ensure its continued growth. The five basic elements of a plan should be considered well in advance of the sale of the business and preservation.
Venturi is proud to announce that Chris Creed has joined our team as a Senior Lead Advisor. Chris partners with new clients to organize, plan, and manage all aspects of their family’s financial life.