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This is a modified transcription from our October 2021 Market Update virtual event that was held on October 22, 2021.
The newly created liquidity from a business sale or IPO typically comes with the same 3 questions. Read our latest blog post on Kiplinger to find out what the questions are and how to navigate them.
Alternatives, like private equity, private credit and real assets, can be very attractive investment options, but at the same time, they come with a different set of risks than registered securities do. They are less liquid, more complex legally and structurally, and have a much wider dispersion of returns than traditional investments do.
Our first Venturi Women's Conference of 2021, which was held virtually on June 10th, covered estate planning, investments/financial planning, and multigenerational planning.
On May 13th, 2021, Venturi Private Wealth hosted its third annual Venturi Charity shoot benefitting Honor Flight Austin. The event was held at Hog Heaven Sporting Club in Dripping Springs, Texas, and attendees were able to participate in events such as sporting clays, hatchet throws, and shooting competitions. They also enjoyed a silent auction, raffle prizes, and delicious Salt Lick BBQ.
Saving for your kids or grandkids college education is a common goal for many families. Many folks have heard of the 529 College Savings Plan and the basic tax advantages that these plans provide. Often times these plans can play a larger role in the overall estate plan of a family. Let’s take a look at some of these added benefits that aren’t always apparent when we think about 529 plans
While 2020 brought the shutdown and speculations of an upcoming baby boom, in reality it caused many couples to rethink their respective futures. As a result, we’ve seen one of the most alarming upticks of filings for divorce in modern day history. Take it from someone who has found herself completely distraught from the incomprehensible demoralization of being a “divorcée”, none of us go to the alter thinking that this might end up in complete disaster.
The November market update discusses the Fed policy, profit cycle ahead, the broader market recovery, steepening yield curve, and more.
Governments all over the world have engaged in massive stimulus to combat the destruction of the global pandemic. What are the consequences of this surge in spending? Should we be worried?
Five years ago, we founded Venturi with a vision for establishing an independent private wealth advisory firm with client alignment that did not exist in the private bank and brokerage world. Over three decades, we had observed an industry evolving to be dominated by bank-owned brokerages with a long traditions of selling products to customers.
There are a number of economic data points and trends that likely indicate a profit cycle recovery in 2021 and 2022. This is important as changes in profits drive changes in market levels
A grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT) is a fantastic structure. In my opinion it’s a win-win structure because of the lower 7520 rates. You can set one of these grantor retained annuity trusts for a term of years, let's say five or 10 years, and it has a reasonable chance to get a good amount of money out of your estate.
There is still a lot we don’t know right now surrounding the 2020 election and its impact on the stock market.
Ahead of the 2016 election many people scrambled in the back half of the year to try to take advantage of estate planning opportunities before the pending election, where there was some concern that the tax treatment of wealth transfer may change if there was a change in the White House. Obviously it's too soon to tell what the outcome of the November election will be, but a combination of this and current market events makes this a timely topic.
Dr. Angelos Angelou (AngelouEconomics) joined Russ Norwood of Venturi Private Wealth and discussed the post-COVOD19 economy. This blog is a modified transcription of the virtual event that was hosted on June 12, 2020 and the opinions stated in the blog are those of Dr. Angelos Angelou. 
It’s prudent to reflect on the close relationship between presidential politics, policy changes, and your estate planning. The biggest opportunity for high-net-worth individuals is the ability to gift up to $11.4mm to another person free of transfer tax.
Gary Valdez, Founder and President of Focus Strategies Investment Banking in Austin shares important questions business owners should ask when they prepare to sell their business. A proper exit strategy is key to a successful transition.
I [Mike Sanders] liked the idea of coming to Venturi to help build a firm that I wanted to be a client of. I continue to view the firm through those eyes, collaborating with the team to serve our clients in the way that we ourselves would want to be served.
I came to realize that if I wanted to serve clients with the care they deserved, I needed to pivot to the fiduciary model. Venturi Private Wealth was a good fit, allowing me to focus exclusively on the needs of my clients. I had always prided myself on being the type of Advisor who served my clients’ interests first. Venturi provided me with the formal structure to embody that commitment.
With rates near zero or negative, Central Bankers’ tools are less effective. The public, wanting new solutions in the face of faltering monetary policies, will eventually elect leaders to enact “new” fiscal policies. One of the new policies being discussed, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), is proposed as a panacea for jump starting segments of the economy. MMT involves the wholesale printing of money to satisfy government priorities and obligations.