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Robo Advisors, Macy’s Slump, China’s Economy (Podcast)

In the News  |   January 10, 2019  |  
Russ Norwood

Russ Norwood was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio about how investors can potentially weather market declines. Click here to listen (at the 28:00 minute mark).

U.S. Stocks Edge Higher Ahead of Fed Minutes

In the News  |   January 9, 2019  |  
Russ Norwood

Russ Norwood, chief executive and co-founder of Venturi Wealth Management, commented on the US outlook for earnings in The Wall Street Journal. Read more.

6 Strategies to Consider After Your Family Experiences a Significant Wealth Event

In the News  |   December 7, 2018  |  
Russ Norwood

Russ Norwood shows how a financial windfall can be a life-changing opportunity to create a legacy for future generations—and how not to lose it all. Read more.

Advisors Say Technology, People Provide The Biggest ROI For Their Firms

In the News  |   November 26, 2018  |  
Russ Norwood

November 26, 2018  Financial advisors are always looking for investment ideas for their clients, but what are the best investments they can make in themselves and their practices? Venturi’s CEO Russ Norwood was quoted in Financial Advisor magazine. Read more.

Morgan Stanley Increases Advisor Retirement Payout

In the News  |   October 19, 2018  |  
Russ Norwood

“Changes to Morgan Stanley’s retirement program are a result of market pressure as the wirehouses are competing with each other, as well as rapidly evolving business models for independent advisors,” said Russell Norwood, the founder of the $750 million Venturi Wealth Management in Austin, Texas. Read more.