How ProActive is Your Investment Portfolio?

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Asset Management, Financial Planning, Wealth Management  |  January 16, 2019  |  
Chris Creed

2018 was a year punctuated by two stock market corrections and volatility the likes of which has not been seen in years. It’s easy to forget that this type of volatility is not uncommon. All the more reason to be proactive rather than reactive to market moves. But how?

For many Venturi clients, we utilize a ProActive portfolio as part of an overall investment strategy. The strategy uses leading economic indicators in an attempt to keep investors on the right side of major market moves.

For example, the strategy had 72% allocated to equities as of the of end of October 2018, which was then proactively reduced to 28% in November, and then to 14% in December.

Each month, the strategies’ macro-economic and price-based indicators are combined to:

  • Evaluate the relative attractiveness of equities versus fixed income
  • Select ETFs with favorable relative strength
  • Protect capital by raising cash during large market declines

For a look at the factors this model evaluates, and the subsequent portfolio changes, click here for our Global Tactical Allocation report.

Past performance, of course, cannot predict future results.

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