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Who We Are

We are an Austin-based private wealth management firm that provides investment advisory and wealth management services to a select group of affluent clients and private foundations. We focus on serving clients who have complex needs, require precise analysis and skilled management. Our team of professionals caters to clients who demand more than mere relationship management. We are intricately involved in the capital markets, infusing our outlook with uncommon rigor and insight.

Our interests are allied with those of our clients. As fiduciary advisors, we strive to serve our clients and our clients only. We are compensated through a transparent fee agreement based on assets under management or advisement. Our goal is to deliver objective advice. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, sitting on the same side of the table and pursuing shared goals.

We are not a start up; we are very proud that our average client relationship is over 12 years.  We have transformed a very established wealth management and investment advisory practice into a firm with greater transparency and flexibility for our clients.

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Experience You Can Trust

Our accolades and designations are distinguished:

Over 25 Years Private Wealth Management:

Over 30 Years Institutional Advisory:

Over 30 Years Trust Management:

Over 20 Years Business Financial Consulting:

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Our Clients

Our clients are successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, affluent families and private foundations with complex needs and substantial resources. Our team has extensive experience providing comprehensive advice to this select clientele.

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Our Story

With over 150 years of combined industry experience, we launched Venturi Wealth Management to focus our practice on what we deem most important: client investment success, strategic wealth management, and unwavering client service. We believe the flexibility we enjoy as independent advisors results in efficiencies and a better client experience, while eliminating conflicts of interest.

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The flexibility we enjoy as independent financial advisors results in efficiencies and a better client experience, while eliminating conflicts of interest.

We serve our clients to the best of
 our abilities. We prize our ability to deliver investment
 strategies and wealth management services in a manner
 that strives to reward client outcomes—not transactions. A team of industry veterans, we are energized by our entrepreneurial culture, one that enables us to focus on client success as we believe this is the only barometer of our own success.

Our vision for Venturi is to bring together people and resources to create efficiencies and reduce the pressures and conflicts in our business. Our goal is to rise above the noise of Wall Street and provide a better solution for wealth management for our clients.

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Our Strategic Partners

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We are a multi custodian firm and have custody relationships with Raymond James, Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments.  We have also established relationships with RBC Trust for independent trust administration services and Foundation Source for private foundation management.  As an independent firm we seek the very best resources on behalf of our clients for custody, execution and reporting.  We prioritize clarity, accountability, and transparency with all of our business partners.

We believe you have peace of mind knowing that Venturi Wealth Management, LLC is registered with the SEC. The SEC regulates all large investment advisors that have over $100 million of assets under management. Our firm is subject to the SEC’s rules and regulations applicable to registered investment advisers. As part of those rules and regulations, we are required to implement an ongoing compliance program and will be subject to periodic audits conducted by the SEC. We welcome this important “separation of powers” as a critical underpinning of our role as fiduciary advisors.