Late Innings

Many signs have emerged that may indicate we are in the late innings of our economic recovery and stock market advance in the United States.  While the S&P 500 has been resilient, what is happening below the surface doesn’t look healthy. Leadership of the U.S. market has narrowed and the factors and characteristics of companies […]

The Economy Leads Markets, Not Elections.

Our good friend, Richard Bernstein, recently published an article about the impact of a stronger economy on the financial markets over the last year.  Many investors are troubled by the issues inside the Beltway in Washington, DC and the risk of policy mistakes to financial markets.   Bernstein’s article resonates the point we wrote about […]

This is the Way America is Supposed to Work

The Presidential election delivered a surprise outcome that roiled financial markets in the early hours after the results were in.  We have a 240 year old democratic system in America that still works but sometimes the process is painful.   Stepping back from politics, change is imminent.  At Venturi, our focus is to evaluate the […]