Contemplating Life in 3D: How to Successfully Navigate Divorce, Disputes & Distress

While 2020 brought the shutdown and speculations of an upcoming baby boom, in reality it caused many couples to rethink their respective futures. As a result, we’ve seen one of the most alarming upticks of filings for divorce in modern day history. Take it from someone who has found herself completely distraught from the incomprehensible demoralization of being a “divorcée”, none of us go to the alter thinking that this might end up in complete disaster.

The Changing Role of Government

White House

Governments all over the world have engaged in massive stimulus to combat the destruction of the global pandemic. What are the consequences of this surge in spending? Should we be worried?

The First Five Remarkable Years

Five years ago, we founded Venturi with a vision for establishing an independent private wealth advisory firm with client alignment that did not exist in the private bank and brokerage world. Over three decades, we had observed an industry evolving to be dominated by bank-owned brokerages with a long traditions of selling products to customers.