Venturi Viewpoints with Joey Sager, Managing Director

General  |   November 19, 2019  |  
Venturi Private Wealth

Joey Sager, Managing Director Venturi Viewpoints discusses the intersection of life, wealth, and wisdom, interviewing a variety of contributors. We hope you enjoy this installment featuring a member of our Oklahoma City office, Joey Sager. What was your path in becoming a Financial Advisor? I studied Business Management in college. After seeing a program on […]

Venturi Welcomes Senior Portfolio Manager, Kyle Smith

General  |   November 14, 2019  |  
Venturi Private Wealth

Venturi is proud to announce that Kyle Smith has joined our team as a Senior Portfolio Manager. For nearly 20 years, Kyle has been helping investors construct and manage customized, multi-asset investment solutions that are tailored for unique goals and preferences. In addition, Kyle also brings product development and investment strategy expertise, as well as […]

Modern Monetary Theory

General  |   November 5, 2019  |  
Mike Sanders

In a recent post, we discussed the negative effects of large governmental deficits outpacing economic growth. In this environment, interest rates and prices tend to stay depressed. Savers are punished, and growth is lacking. What can end the effects of this deflationary cycle? With rates near zero or negative, Central Bankers’ tools are less effective. […]