Making Estate Planning Your Own

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Wealth Management  |   July 17, 2019  |  
Chris Creed

Estate Planning for those you love can dramatically alter the course of your family for generations. A good estate plan is profoundly human in its touch points, reflecting the dynamics and needs of the people you love and the causes you cherish.

What Are Five Important Questions You Should Answer for a Successful Business Succession?

Financial Planning  |   May 21, 2019  |  
Mike Sanders

Succession planning can help you increase the odds of passing your business along to your loved ones, a challenge for many entrepreneurs. A solid plan for the future can help your employees stay more engaged and productive right now.

Planning to Maximize Year-End Charitable Gifts

Financial Planning  |   April 2, 2019  |  
Alex Clendennen

Tax reform, if passed, will provide a limited window in which to take advantage of the old rules and maximize deductions. In light of the proposed reform, we want to highlight a few key strategies to consider as we approach year-end.