Modern Monetary Theory

General  |   November 5, 2019  |  
Mike Sanders

In a recent post, we discussed the negative effects of large governmental deficits outpacing economic growth. In this environment, interest rates and prices tend to stay depressed. Savers are punished, and growth is lacking. What can end the effects of this deflationary cycle? With rates near zero or negative, Central Bankers’ tools are less effective. […]

Growing Government Debt

General  |   October 10, 2019  |  
Mike Sanders

Growing Government Debt: What It Means for Economic Growth and Inflation The current expansion of government debt levels is not unique to any single political party. It’s as if both left- and right-leaning persuasions have determined that government deficits and debt no longer matter. The chart below comes from our partners at Ned Davis Research. […]

Conversations Clients Want The Most – Strategic Philanthropy

General  |   August 1, 2019  |  
Mike Sanders

Situation: Purposeful Giving Many high net worth investors and business owners are searching for purposeful, strategic ways to give back but can’t seem to find the time or the right organization matching their objectives. What are the right causes to support?  The possibilities can be overwhelming. Many of us find ourselves conflicted on the why, […]