Market Update

The November market update discusses the Fed policy, profit cycle ahead, the broader market recovery, steepening yield curve, and more.

Optimism Sows Seeds of Change

The Bank of America CEO’s perch allows a terrific view on economic trends as well as changes in trends. This morning, his remarks in a Bloomberg interview caught our attention. Quoting from the resulting article: “…[Bank of America’s] corporate customers are enthusiastic and already seeking funds to expand, according to Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan. Mid-sized […]

Market Volatility

The weakness in the financial markets today is a result of Central Bank policy concerns: ECB Chief Draghi deferred (for now) on incremental easing measures Fed governor jawboning has driven up the odds of September rate increase (per chart below) Source: Bloomberg Interestingly, both stocks and bonds are down in value today. In contrast, volatility […]